First CaBi Ride and CO2 Cylinder Shortages!

I finally did it, took my first Capital Bikeshare (CaBi) ride! I recently purchased a CaBi membership, because there are stations popping up all over Arlington, with one just a block down the street from me.  I used it to run an errand to Clarendon, which turned out to be for not.  My errand was to replace my CO2 cylinder for my Sodastream…love my Sodastream.  I arrived at Williams and Sonoma with my cylinder stuffed into my messenger bag.  I felt like some clandestine messenger with a secret package to drop off.  As soon as I walked into the store the clerk had a question for me….whether or not I had heard of the book 50 Shades of Grey, I answered yes, a little embarrassed because I know what this book is about!  She then exclaimed to the other salesperson that she had to be the only person in the world not to have heard about it.  I am sure there are others, so she should not feel so bad.  Anyhow, Memorial Day brought about a run on Sodastream CO2 cylinders, and apparently there are none to be found in the City.  My name is on a waiting list, and I will be notified when they arrive.  Perhaps I will ride a big red CaBi bike to go pick them up.  It is still a very nice evening for a bike ride, so I wasn’t too bummed I cannot have a freshly made diet orange soda….stuff is like crack if you have not tried it!

Check out this guys bike in Cuba, 2 stories tall…glad CaBi chose the comfortable red bikes for their stations and not this.  I can’t imagine how you get on and off this bike.

Cool news from the U.S. Post Office, they released a set of cycling stamps this week, stop by your local post office or order some.  I rarely mail anything, but I’ll be getting a set because they make me happy!


About Bikes and Pies

Single girl living in Arlington, Virginia with my dog and four bikes. I have a love of biking and cooking. This will be my creative outlet to describe my life biking in and around the DC metro area, with a little food thrown in for good measure. I've decided to combine my love of biking and food into one blog...because frankly, I don't do a lot of riding in the winter, so this blog would get a little boring during the cold, dark months. I will attempt to dazzle you with my cooking and pie making skills during the winter.
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