Today’s Bike Commute Brought to You by WTOP

No WTOP, the informative news radio station, did not actually sponsor my ride to work today, they just encouraged me to get my somewhat lazy and tired butt out of bed, put on a spandex cycling skort (skort is a great word) to bike 17 miles to Reston. 

Here is the deal, last night (Wednesday) was my monthly/bi-monthly sojourn for pizza and wine with my friend Caroline.  I biked to Faccia Luna where we spent a couple of hours drinking wine, eating pizza and chatting about recent events in our lives.  It was lovely as usual.  I then hopped back on my bike to head over to Dave’s house to watch what remained of the USA vs Brazil soccer match.  After that disappointing ending, I rode back through the streets of Arlington toward home.  My big mistake was picking up a book before heading to bed and reading until midnight.  This is a late night for me!  When the alarm went off at 6am the willpower to bike to work was nil, and the thought of delaying my weekly commute until the next day (Friday) danced around in my head.  That’s where WTOP came in.  Their kindly weather man, through the magic of a clock radio, informed me that today (Thursday) was going to be a perfect day in the DC metro area….and tomorrow was not going to be a perfect day.  Not wanting to waste a good day for bike commuting, I drug myself out of bed and made the ride, and as usual, I was glad I rode.

For the most part the ride was uneventful.  The best part came when I was on the lonely stretch past Vienna on the last push towards Reston.  A man on a bike waved for me to stop.  I was hesitant at first, figuring it was trickery and a band of looters would jump out of the bushes and rob me of my chain lube and spare tire tube….not the case.  He wanted to point out the baby deer (fawn I believe is the correct zoological term) standing wide-eyed in the brush next to the trail.  The cyclist informed me its mother had just crossed, and apparently the little guy had not worked up the nerve yet.  The cuteness factor was overwhelming. A picture would have been awesome, but I did not want to upset the little deer any further and felt I should move on so it could join its mother on the other side.  So much better than a band of raiding bike trail marauders.

A rather uneventful bike ride today, which is a good thing.  A beautiful day for a ride….Thanks WTOP weatherman for making it all happen.


About Bikes and Pies

Single girl living in Arlington, Virginia with my dog and four bikes. I have a love of biking and cooking. This will be my creative outlet to describe my life biking in and around the DC metro area, with a little food thrown in for good measure. I've decided to combine my love of biking and food into one blog...because frankly, I don't do a lot of riding in the winter, so this blog would get a little boring during the cold, dark months. I will attempt to dazzle you with my cooking and pie making skills during the winter.
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